Pretty Ametur, huh?

I can’t even spell ametur right. (Lucky, you’re in middle school, how can you knot no this?) No guys, I’m kidding I can spell ametur. It’s amateur. I’m just trying to prove a point. I am NOT the best person to run a poptropica blog, but hey, I’ll try. There have been some pop updates, yada  yada, all that stuff. Now, I probably shouldn’t be saying this on a wordpress blog, but please check out my weebly blog I share with my friend. ( Yes, I know. Weebly was just easier for me and her, and for reasons that I don’t put on the internet, I had no access to wordpress on the computer I am currently using. (And no, I did not do something wrong to deserve this.)

So now that summer is coming, I will be able to update both blogs. Both are totally based on poptropica stories and news, so that’ll be fun, making two identical blog posts. 😛 (Seriously Lucky?) So, I have a set of stories (that I have to thank Short Popper for, she is an author on the weebly blog) for the great stories and ideas. And so, I can guarantee, from now on, this blog will be active, until I totally lose interest in poptropica, and decide to go play some other silly game that I’ll abandon after two seconds.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to Tall Cactus, a poptropica fan blogger, because she liked the first post, and that is amazing, considering I almost never did a thing since then. So that inspired me to pick things back up, and so Tall Cactus, I am going to leave it at Thank you, for getting this blog back on it’s feet. (I know this is a small thing, but hey, I’m inspired by lots of things. BTW, Tall Cactus’s blog is, if you would like to visit it, and I highly suggest you do.)


There’s been a Finding Dory update, that comes with two limited edition items, a Coffee Pot, and a Hank Hat. Also, I’m not putting pictures in. Why? I’m to lazy to sign into Poptropica, because I’m sick in bed, and I just feel like typing today. (Did I seriously just types all that, but still not have the heart to sign into Poptropica?) Anyway, that’s it with this post, and I’m tired as heck, so I am going to GO TO SLEEP.

Lucky- out.



2 thoughts on “Pretty Ametur, huh?

  1. Just so you know, Tall Cactus always likes the post before she’s even read it. Not too big a deal, but I rarely like posts, so if you get a like, then that’s a good thing from me.


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