Music and Poptropica?

Music and poptropica?? Yes. So, I was thinking, what the heck is the point of having two blogs with the exact same name and content? No point at all, right? Yeah. So, let’s get creative. I love music. And I love poptropica. Merge those together…

And a new theme for a blog is born. So, from now on, I’m just going to make this blog about my interests. Music and poptropica. So…

Not any updates with poptropica so… On with the music!!

You’ve probably never heard of this song. I played it with my middle school band, and it’s really intense. It’s called Der Erlkonig. It’s German for The Elf King. Correct me if I’m wrong. 😛 It goes along with the poem its based off of. You can find the translation here. Although the poem is a bit freakish, I find the song really cool. I also played the saxophone in this song. Here is the link to the recording.

So, what do you think about this song? Or are you just freaked out from the poem? Or do you think this post was plain boring? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Lucky- out.


Pretty Ametur, huh?

I can’t even spell ametur right. (Lucky, you’re in middle school, how can you knot no this?) No guys, I’m kidding I can spell ametur. It’s amateur. I’m just trying to prove a point. I am NOT the best person to run a poptropica blog, but hey, I’ll try. There have been some pop updates, yada  yada, all that stuff. Now, I probably shouldn’t be saying this on a wordpress blog, but please check out my weebly blog I share with my friend. ( Yes, I know. Weebly was just easier for me and her, and for reasons that I don’t put on the internet, I had no access to wordpress on the computer I am currently using. (And no, I did not do something wrong to deserve this.)

So now that summer is coming, I will be able to update both blogs. Both are totally based on poptropica stories and news, so that’ll be fun, making two identical blog posts. 😛 (Seriously Lucky?) So, I have a set of stories (that I have to thank Short Popper for, she is an author on the weebly blog) for the great stories and ideas. And so, I can guarantee, from now on, this blog will be active, until I totally lose interest in poptropica, and decide to go play some other silly game that I’ll abandon after two seconds.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to Tall Cactus, a poptropica fan blogger, because she liked the first post, and that is amazing, considering I almost never did a thing since then. So that inspired me to pick things back up, and so Tall Cactus, I am going to leave it at Thank you, for getting this blog back on it’s feet. (I know this is a small thing, but hey, I’m inspired by lots of things. BTW, Tall Cactus’s blog is, if you would like to visit it, and I highly suggest you do.)


There’s been a Finding Dory update, that comes with two limited edition items, a Coffee Pot, and a Hank Hat. Also, I’m not putting pictures in. Why? I’m to lazy to sign into Poptropica, because I’m sick in bed, and I just feel like typing today. (Did I seriously just types all that, but still not have the heart to sign into Poptropica?) Anyway, that’s it with this post, and I’m tired as heck, so I am going to GO TO SLEEP.

Lucky- out.


Welcome!!! First Post!

Welcome to the poptropican journalist!!!!! Basically, this is what it sounds like. I blog about poptropica, a really fun game, and I’m a journalist (kind of) the reports on the in’s and out’s of poptropica, and I also write really fun stories. The reason I came up with the story idea is because no one really has a blog really dedicated to poptropica stories. So why notbookawards_pop-logo?

Poptropica stories are really fun. So, please enjoy this blog!!!!!